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A Joyous stage full of wisdom, A Loving boat to carry the soul

A harbor with meticulous love, A cradle to stimulate potential

Shanghai Happykids Kindergarten is an IB Candidate School,a high-end bilingual kindergarten located at No. 218, Lane 2488, Wenchuan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai (Haide Mingmen Community). The campus covers an area of 3,500 square meters. It is another masterpiece from Haiwang Education Group after the foundation of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Kindergarten. Happykids Kindergarten will perfectly inherit the advantages and characteristics of the Hangzhou Future District Kindergarten. With the concept of to promote harmonious development of mind and body, and inspire unlimited potential, Happykids Kindergarten offers bilingual classes and uses problem-based inquiry method as the core educational method. The curriculum covers the five fields of health, language, society, science and art, and integrates them into all teaching sections to cultivate children's learning ability, independent ability, social skills and creativity to help children smoothly enter the primary school stage.

As a trusted brand rooted in the local preschool education industry in Shanghai for nearly 20 years, Happykids has continuously absorbed excellent educational concepts and teaching methods, accompanying the children in Shanghai to grow up with quality teaching and warm care.

Excellent Chinese and foreign teachers will create a rich and diverse cultural environment. We encourage children to explore on their own, and thus lay a good foundation for them to meet the future challenges.

Our Misssion
Based on facilitating the development of children's personality, we lay a solid foundation for children's lifelong development by designing and implementing educational content with international concepts.
Our Motto
We respect each child's personality, promote the harmonious development of each child, pay attention to the healthy growth of each child, and encourage each child's bold exploration.
Our features
Facilitate harmonious development, Promote bilingual education, Explore students’ potential, Provide love and care
Message from the Principal: We have hopes and expectations. We expect intimate and quality  communication with you, with him, with our dear children, and in the mean time to pursue the fun of creation. Because of love, my team and I are dedicated to the lofty cause of ‘being a teacher, like a mother’ with family affection, friendly sentiments and genuine feelings , and willing to create a good environment for our kids with young parents!
  • kallie

    “ A good teacher can inspire hope; ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. ”

  • William

    “ A good teacher needs only minds for molding. ”

  • “ With love, patience, sincerity to inspire children pure childlike innocence. ”

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  • Abby

    “ Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. ”

  • Ella

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  • Lee

    “ Education has for its object the formation of character. ”

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