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Adhering to the philosophy of the IB curriculum combined with the ShanghaiSecond-stage curriculum reform course, Happykids Kindergarten has defined a curriculum framework of trans-disciplinary themes for kindergarten and organized inquiry-based learning for children. It is also supplemented by a special curriculum of English, science, physical education, music, aesthetics, baking, and curriculum of transit to primary school, which is organically integrated with the UOI inquiry unit.

IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of students in a diverse and inclusive community by providing a challenging, high quality international education program that shares a strong vision.

The age of 3-6 is an important period in a child's development, a prime time for developing a mindset and behavioural habits. Happykids IB-PYP program focuses on stimulating students' internal motivation and developing critical thinking so that they can acquire a positive mindset, embrace different cultures and develop their own knowledge and understanding of the world while acquiring a learning approach.