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PYP outdoor inquiry---the sweet tour of YuanZu cake factory


If I tell you my dream
Maybe you would forget it
If I had created a dream with my hands
That would have more memories than dreams!

In the recent PYP inquiry activities
The children were very interested incommodities, 
transportation systems, transportation tools, 
and the processingof products
To support the children's investigations
We went to a factory that makes"sweet"
--Yuanzu Cake Factory
Exploring the production process of a cake

"Our kindergarten has a bakingclassroom
which can also make cakes,
What is the difference between it and cakefactory?
"What raw materials are needed to makea delicious cake?"
"What kind of transportation system
isneeded to operate the product making process?"
With these exploratory questions in mind
The babies began to explore the cakefactory

Cartoon elements everywhere
The sweet smell in the air
The children felt like they were
in a fairytale world

After full body disinfection
The children enter the visual productionplant

From the moment an egg is lined up on the conveyor belt
The children were surprised to find outthat
The factory may not be
what we thought it would be

There are not many workers
Transporting, mixing, baking, 
freezing and packaging ``````
It's basically all done by machines

The children found that the finished cakes
Will enter one by one into a strange machine
By asking the staff that
This is an "X-ray" detector forcakes
If there are impurities in the cake,
the machinewill alarm
The workers will take out the unqualified products
All kinds of "black technology"
to make the children full of surprises

After the tour of the cake production process
The "snackers" started to getexcited
It smells so good! I want to eat a cake!
I want to make a cake too!

Baby's little wish should be arranged of course!
Washing little hands
Put on the professional cake maker hat
Put on the little apron
Under the guidance of the teacher
Make a Doraemon's favorite gumbo with your own hands

Brush the baked cake with cream
Put the soft bean paste filling on top
Make it more layered
Delicious taste flowing in your fingertips
Experience the triple wonderful 
sensationof sight, taste and smell

Some babies can't resist the sweet temptation
Sneak a bite
Some babies pack them carefully
To bring back to mom and dad
I believe that many parents have received
This "sweet gift" made by thechildren themselves

This investigation activity
The children feel the power of science andtechnology
And experienced the fun of doing things
They also collected a lot of materials fortheir investigations
Generated a lot of new and exciting ideas
Let's look forward to
the next outdoorexploration trip!